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Im a Loser Im a Loser

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Soy un perdedor

I'm a loser baby
So why don't you kill me?

I think its dark, depressing, but very good The facial looks are really good.

(Get crazy with the Cheez-Whiz)

crash426mnb responds:

i dont quite understand the cheeze whiz thing but the song you are referring to is quite a good one.

edited: you know, its a self portrait and im not sure if its supposed to be dark and depressing...


Rated 4 / 5 stars

The Art is Good.

The Background looks.. Like you got bored of it almost. Over all it's pretty good.

crash426mnb responds:

In all honesty i didnt know what to do with the background. i knew this was a simple portrait when i went into it and i really wanted to capture the energy of the movie with it and the back ground in this picture seemed to fit it. its very bright neony and fast but also dark and moody.

looking at it now though it doesnt lok right. i recently got a new computer and the screen is a lot better. so in my old set up the colors blended and were darker so now i look at some of my old pictures just look horrible because things i thought were blended werent adn colors i thought they were arent.

so ill need to fix that but thanks for the comment and the liking of it!

Tengu Tengu

Rated 5 / 5 stars

The instant I saw this on the front page

I thought, could it be tengu? Odly enough it totally was. This picture is awesome, very well done. I like the coloring and all the nice shading.
The only reason I knew it was Tengu is because I played alot of Dead or Alive 3 alot back in the day.