Alright! Listen up!

2008-08-17 16:18:27 by jmaster13

I have some new audio up. And I would really love the feed back and such.


So, If you have more than 6 minutes while doing nothing. Do your good deed for the day! Raise your karma.

Or something.

Whatever. I'm out.

fills the air as I sit at home. Staying up way past when I should, but hey, I'm young and I've got nothing to do. I'm 17 as of not so long ago, so yes, I feel good.
But not only is it my birthday, it is also Bon scott's (of Ac/dc) birthday. Thats pretty cool if you ask me.
Being born on the same day as Bon Scott. :D
So, now I'm gonna go poke around Newgrounds and see whats going on.

Audio Portal

2008-07-07 04:40:19 by jmaster13

I put some stuff into the portal of audio ness. Go check it out maybe?

So yeah. Happy fourth

2008-07-05 03:19:59 by jmaster13

Happy forth to all you explosion loving people. It was a great one this year for sure. I've got a headache and my ears are ringing and thats a sure sign of a forth well spent. So you may be asking "Wheres the cake?" My answer to this is "In my belly!"

So happy fourth guys

So yeah.  Happy fourth